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I can't say enough about my experience so far with USMMA! I started there a few years back having zero experience in martial arts and unsure of what to expect - what I found were intense and challenging workouts, knowledgeable instructors that motivate me to do my best, and classmates of varied skill levels who are willing to work at my pace and give guidance to help me improve. If you're a fan of mixed martial arts and want to learn more about the sport or if you're looking for a great workout above and beyond anything a regular gym could provide - USMMA gives it to you in a modern facility with all the extras and amenities you need. Even at 41 I look forward to continuing my education at USMMA, and pushing myself to improve. Thanks to Tom and everyone at USMMA, keep up the good work!
- Rob Arseneau

The first time I tried yoga was at USMMA a few months ago, and I have made it my mission to go back ever since. My first class was much more challenging than I could have ever imagined but, I was able to manage with the guidance of their kind, nurturing, instructors. Even though I felt like I had been pushed to the max that night, I couldn't deny how amazing I felt the next day. I feel that yoga has done wonders for me personally and professionally. Throughout my life I have had problems managing my anxiety and depression, fortunately yoga at USMMA has helped me fight through it. I find that I can now live more "in the moment" and not worry about the past or future. Yoga has also done away with my chronic back pain which I thought I would carry with me forever. Each time I go to class I feel like I walk out a better person physically and mentally. Every single instructor is amazing in their own way and I can't thank them enough for the profound positive impact they have made on my life.
- Julie Crawford

I found hot yoga several years ago, with my daughter, on vacation at the beach. Everyone was trying it that summer and I discovered that I loved hot yoga. I was able to lose a lot of weight by eating right and practicing hot yoga. In addition to the physical benefits, hot yoga has an amazing effect on my mental fitness. I feel lighter, more energetic, happier and overall at peace. USMMA provides many options with different times and quality instructors. My home away from home.
- Cindy Fontaine

I am a firm believer that a person's being consists of mind, body, and soul. Throughout my life, I have always relied on my relationship with God to strengthen and feed my mind and soul, but I never really found a support system to consistently strengthen my body. USMMA has become the support which I have been looking for. Although I have played on many sports teams, I was never taught how powerful the body was until I came to USMMA. I have always appreciated the art fighting, but USMMA has been the main factor in my love for training in MMA. The coaches have been wonderful and I admire the respect they show to the sport. They also welcomed me with open arms and have made me feel at home. USMMA has been a blessing in my life. Keep up the great work. I wouldn't want to train anywhere else.
- Jermaine Curtis

I am a physical therapist and work for a home care agency. At times I must travel to, and work in less desirable neighborhoods. I never know what I may walk into. As a woman I feel that USMMA has given me the confidence and knowledge to defend myself should the need ever arise. My training has provided me with the discipline, focus, and drive to succeed not only in the gym, but in my personal and professional life as well. USMMA has drastically improved my training. My skill level has grown more in the past 18 months than in the previous 4 years of training at an outside facility. The staff is extremely detail oriented and really take the time and effort to see their students grow and succeed. Prior to joining USMMA I had never tried yoga. I was reluctant and skeptical. How could breath work, posing, and stretching give me the workout I was looking for? Well, I was very mistaken and I am now hooked. Yoga is a perfect adjunct that has taken my training to the next level. Yoga has transformed my body, improved my flexibility, and strengthened my core.
- Erin Grinblatas

When I first began yoga at USMMA, something clicked and I knew this was the right time in my life to be doing this. I had tried yoga at other studios before, but I usually never went back. However, this studio was more than just a place to come and breath through a really tough downward dog. It's a community. I have a different relationship with every teacher at the studio. Walking into USMMA is like walking into my home; I instantly feel the stress float away. When I first began a year ago, I had been dealing with major stress. My schedule was exploding and I didn't know how to handle it. I found myself panicked. After my first class, I decided to come back and I never stopped. When I think back on the past year, I know for sure that if I didn't have yoga I would still have been stressed. Instead, I just look back and see a year of amazing accomplishments and rich new relationships.
Every teacher at this studio has helped me become stronger not just with my poses but also within myself. Thank you all so much!
- Kelsey McMullin

I am honored to be part of the USMMA team. I would like to thank all the coaches at USMMA who have taught me so much over the last two years.
USMMA has boosted my confidence, helped me get in shape, and has taught me very interesting fighting techniques. I would never have been able to compete in any NAGA tournaments without the colossal help I have gotten from USMMA. Thank you!
- Matt Glum

A few years ago some friends asked me to join them in taking a Hot Yoga class. I was skeptical because working out for me meant high impact, cardio activities. That first class was like nothing I had experienced or expected. I found myself frequently looking at the clock because I didn't think I could make it through the hour and a half. It was one of the most intense (and sweaty) workouts of my life. I surprised myself by going back again...and then again until I actually found that I was looking forward to being on my mat! Yoga has had a huge impact on my life both physically and mentally. I suffered from lower back pain for close to ten years and saw a chiropractor regularly. The pain is completely gone and I have learned through my practice how to care for my back so that the pain won't return. Each of the instructors at USMMA has a unique way to help me improve my practice and my life. I often think of Stephanie's description of the 75 minutes that I have now come to love…"a pocketful of peace." Namaste!
- Jennifer O'Keefe

Since I started training at USMMA, my fight game has been taken to a whole new level. Besides the technical aspect and the conditioning that occurs day in and day out, I have a great group of teammates and coaches to train with.
- Matt Federico

Yoga at USMMA has impacted me in a few ways. First, I learned how to not hold stress in my shoulders and jaw and to just breathe. I developed TMJ in my jaw from stress. I tend to clench and tighten my shoulders a lot at work whenever stressed. It is very painful, but I have been pain free for a few months now. Sometimes a child's pose is warranted at my desk, but my boss frowns on that. Another plus is getting stronger, being more flexible and having more energy. After hitting the big 4-0, I knew I had to do something. I took Hatha Yoga for about a year and wanted to step it up a notch. USMMA was a perfect match. It is very rewarding when I notice the poses getting easier for me. One day I will master the crow pose without falling on my face!
- Cheryl Laprade

I've been training at USMMA for about 7 months now and I can sincerely say that Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu are the most fun yet challenging workouts. I have definitely lost weight since attending USMMA; I am in better shape than ever! ALL the instructors are extremely patient and do not mind taking the time to teach me the proper way to do all the exercises. Beyond any doubt the instructors and other members are people that make working out enjoyable.
- Sarah Meconiates

Since joining USMMA, Thomas has been more energetic, confident and has had an increase in his endurance and stamina. He is moremotivated and seems to enjoy the exercise and lessons that he gets from class ... always giving 100%. Overall, it has made him more health conscience and aware of how important exercise is on his well being. We have also noticed the same changes in him. He has always been a happy kid. Now he is a happy, healthier one. Thank you.
- Jo-Anne & Tom Watson

I have been very active in fitness and weight training over the past years, however, it's only recently that I've delved into the world of yoga. I have come to truly enjoy my practice at USMMA. I value and respect the abilities and uniqueness of each of the instructors, and love the diversity of their individual classes. With each class I am finding that I am consistently challenged and pushing myself beyond my previous limits. Yoga has given me a sense of balance, both mental and physical. This sense of balance and well-being keeps me committed to maintaining this practice as an essential part of my life. As I continue to explore and grow in my practice, I expect to take more of its lessons beyond the mat. Great thanks to the staff at USMMA for creating a supportive and fun space to learn and grow.
- Maurizio Cannella

I've been attending USMMA for more than 4 years. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made. The first and most obvious reason is that it has helped me to get in better shape and be more healthy. This was desperately needed before I found USMMA. I had exercised plenty in many different environments but nothing ever compared to USMMA. I've lost weight (as much as 100 lbs.!) and have better cardio than ever. However USMMA has been more than just a place to get in shape. USMMA is like a second home and I have built some great friendships there with both the staff and other
customers. The staff are extremely helpful and they work with each person based upon their particular needs. On top of that those of us who have been around for a while are also always willing to help out newcomers as well. There is definitely a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. The past 4 years at USMMA has been great and I look forward to 4 more!
- Bob Elster

Christian has been a student at USMMA for nearly one year now. He always looks forward to attending each and every class. He loves working with Ro and the other instructors. The instructors at USMMA are truly a bunch of wonderful guys and friends to Christian. USMMA has improved Christian's physical and over all health. He plans to continue on for many years to obtain his black belt.
- Bonnie Gervais

I have been practicing yoga for approximately 10 years. Since joining USMMA in December 2009, I have attended four or five classes per week when I'm not traveling. I get enormous benefits from practicing yoga that include increased flexibility, strengthening and a calming or grounding effect that provides a sense of contentment in my life. It's a practice of being in the present moment both on the mat and in my daily life. It is amazing how the possibilities in life and the joys in life can be revealed in the practice of yoga. All the instructors at USMMA have been outstanding in their skills and abilities. Every one of them brings a unique methodology to their class that provides variety and an opportunity for one to notice something new in their body or their life that before was over looked. I enjoy all the classes that I have attended and I highly commend the entire staff for creating such an inviting and friendly environment that makes it a pleasure to be a part of.
- Mark Mediate

Owning a business can be stressful at times but for me starting my day off with a Muay thai class sets the tone for the day. It allows me to distress even before the stress begins and keeps me in a positive frame of mind. Muay thai has been so helpful for me that now I schedule my days around classes.
- Judy Briggs

??Shane has been attending USMMA for about 5 months and really enjoys training. Overall his kicks, rolling and strength have improved. Shane loves suicides and rolling in Jiu Jitsu.
- Patti Bissanti

My yoga journey began with a New Year's resolution in January 2008. Unlike many of my other resolutions, I stayed true to this one! I attended one of Stephanie's classes, and knew right away that I needed this in my life. A practice that would nurture and heal my mind, body and spirit. I'm honored that I have had the opportunity to practice with all of the amazing teachers at USMMA. Yoga has played an especially important roll in my life since my son was born in 2009. As the single mother of a beautiful 3 year old boy, it is a must to make this time for myself. Not only is yoga so important for me, its also important for my son to have a happy, grounded mother. Over the past few years, my practice has been an essential part of my healing after pregnancy, a divorce, and post-partum depression. Yoga has enabled me to find my true self, and I will be forever grateful for this. From the bottom of my heart, I thank USMMA. And so does my Noah.
- Alicia Colcord

I have been at USMMA since they opened over 5 years ago. It has been a phenomenal experience for me. I have trained at some form of martial arts most of my life and USMMA has really enhanced my knowledge. The workouts, training and friendships are something that I will always be grateful for. It is a great place for people of all ages (I'm 55) and experiences to be able to train in a safe environment, have fun, make friends, get in shape and learn martial arts. It is a great place to share knowledge with people from very diverse backgrounds. One of my favorite take aways from USMMA is; to think in "Concepts" and apply knowledge to other areas of your life and training. I want to thank all of the staff at USMMA for your professionalism, experience and the time that they take to work with each of the students. But most of all, I want to thank you for your friendships.
- Mike DeGiso

Up until February 2011, I now realize I did not have a true understanding of Yoga and/or what Yoga can and has done for my life, both mentally and physically! I had been hearing so many wonderful success stories from friends attending USMMA and i was at a point in my life where I needed to add a "mental aspect" into my work out schedule as well as learning how to appreciate our bodies for what they are and what movement can and does bring to us mentally. I am a full year now into my practice and there is NO turning back! I never thought I would ever "get it" nor be able to make my body move into the various positions required to practice Yoga correctly! I know my life is now much more enriched as I have brought Yoga into my lifes experiences and am grateful to have a place like USMMA to further enrich both my practice as well as my mental strength and capacity.
- Laura Lowe

For the past 4 years, Naman has been a student at USMMA. When he originally joined, he was in the kids class under Tom & Stephanie. In the last few years he has worked with Ro, Jay and Tom in the teen class. Throughout his time at USMMA, I have noticed that Naman has become a more confident, patient and responsible individual. Joining USMMA additionally has also helped him to become more fit and healthy. As Naman prepares to leave for college this fall, I am sure the skills he has learned at USMMA will allow him to cope with the changes this transition will bring, and also help him to stay fit and safe.
- Divya Agarwal

I've been training at USMMA just under 2 years and it's helped make big changes in my life both physically and mentally. Before this I spent the last few years where I work in a cube getting weaker, lazy and unhealthy. Never thought I'd actually look forward to a Monday morning, but USMMA changed that. Now instead, I use Monday's Thai Boxing Circuit class to motivate myself for the work week ahead. Starting the work week off with circuit training puts me in the right frame of mind to get through the rest of the week. It also sets the pace for the remainder of my workouts for throughout the week. Tom and the rest of the staff have brought out a drive and ambition that has been missing from my life for a long time. This drive has both helped me succeed in the gym and both my personal and professional life. The staff at USMMA takes the time to work with each student to help bring out the best in their training. Training at USMMA has become part of my daily routine that I look forward to most and something I hope to continue throughout my life.
- Michael Richard

Going to MMA classes at USMMA is one of the things I look forward to most every day. All of the classes are an opportunity to get a great workout, learn lots of new things, improve upon things already learned, and build relationships. I feel stronger and more aware both physically and mentally since I've been taking MMA classes. Literally every class I learn something new, and when I get the chance to coach my peers, I learn even more! Every class presents new challenges and new opportunities to learn and grow, and I love it! I am stronger and more confident in my personal life, and at work, not afraid to take challenges head on and learn in the process. Thank you, USMMA for honoring me as student of the month. It's truly an honor for me to be a part of such an amazing family.
- Autumn Gerami

When I joined USMMA I didn't know what to expect. I wanted to learn self defense. I am learning that and much more. I fell in love with MMA. Coming to USMMA has made me stronger both physically and mentally. My confidence has grown in all aspects. The workouts are intense. I have even incorporated yoga into my workouts the last few months which has been very enlightening. I now try to do yoga at least once a week. I've met some of the most amazing people. I can't say enough about my coaches Tom and Rolando. They are continuously encouraging, teaching, and pushing you to be your best. They have taught me so much and I look forward to learning everyday from them. I couldn't imagine not coming to USMMA. It has become my second home.
- Christine Walls

Aidan has really grown a lot in the year and a half since he enrolled in the Kids MMA class at USMMA. He has seen a dramatic increase in his physical strength and his cardio endurance. This has helped him improve his jiu-jitsu and muay thai skills in class and also his soccer, baseball and basketball skills. As he works towards earning stripes on his belts, he has learned valuable lessons about setting goals and working hard until they are achieved.
- ?Peter and Joanne Daly

"I have always been a very active person. For 25 years, my choice of exercise was running. About five years ago I noticed that I was starting to lose flexibility, so I started taking yoga classes and I haven't stopped. I love it! It has done so much to enhance my life physically, mentally, and spiritually. I call yoga my "before 5 p.m. glass of wine!"
- Barbara Trufant

Before I joined USMMA I was fighting a disease the Doctors could not explain. I went through years of tests and suffered extreme pain with continuous cortisone shots in my shoulders and feet. When I was at rock bottom (a day I will never forget). My doctor diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I started treatment right away. So needless to say I was in the worst shape of my entire life and I needed to get back on track.
?My son and I went out researching various gyms. Of course I was unable to join a gym that would be too stressful on my joints and my son wanted a place where he could learn boxing and self defense. After months of searching the internet, newspapers and local yellow pages, we ended up at the USMMA doorstep. ?Upon arrival the owner Tom Hafers greeted us and he gave us a tour of his facility. This was nothing like I had ever seen before. It's a completely different approach to the boring gym routine.

For us this was perfect. Padded mats throughout the gym so no stress on the joints. There is a wide selection of various workout classes and enough cardio for a race horse. But the main thing that separates them from all others is the people. The talent and knowledge of the Owner, Instructors, Professional Fighters and Students is phenomenal. They have the ability to articulate instructions so every student can properly learn. The results are proof of that.

?Where am I today you might ask? Well I lost 50 lbs and I am high school skinny. My cholesterol levels are perfect. I have not been healthier in over 20 years. My son and I both won our Amateur debut MMA fights to be the first father and son listed on the same fight card in Massachusetts. Yes you read that correctly. I competed in a mixed martial arts competition, as well as several submission tournaments in which I placed 1st. USMMA has changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful. "If that's what they have done for me, just imagine what they can do for you!"
- Mark Cardarelli

"My experience with USMMA has been life changing. After battling illness for over a year that left me in a state of chronic pain, I thought my life would never be the same again. I'm happy to say it's not the's better than I could have hoped for! I started yoga thinking, why not? Things couldn't possibly be worse. Midway through my first class I knew I found exactly what I needed. For the first time in over a year I am not only pain free but stronger than I have ever been. I have done privates with Jessie Dwiggins, Reiki with Emily Leahy and yoga with all of the teachers as well as various workshops. Everyone I have worked with is truly committed to what they are doing. It's not just a job but a way of life.
I want to express my gratitude to Jessie, Emily, Stephanie, Courtney & Casey for all your amazing classes! You have had such a profound affect on not only me but my daughter as well. We look forward to each and every class. I would recommend USMMA to anyone."
- Kathy McMullin

"Hot yoga at USMMA is where I go for a mind and body tune up. The yoga instructors (and I adore every one of them!) tell you that this space and time on your mat is just for you to do what your body and mind need right here, right now. But being somewhat of a Type A personality it wasn't until months of practicing several times a week that I finally got it. I bring that sprit back with me to my family and my work and cannot imagine how I could cope with life's challenges without it. As an added bonus, I can do arm-balances that I'd never dreamed my 56 year old body could do!"
- Josie Sterling

I can’t say enough about my experience so far with USMMA! I started there a few years back having zero experience in martial arts and unsure of what to expect - what I found were intense and challenging workouts, knowledgeable instructors that motivate me to do my best, and classmates of varied skill levels who are willing to work at my pace and give guidance to help me improve. If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts and want to learn more about the sport or if you’re looking for a great workout above and beyond anything a regular gym could provide - USMMA gives it to you in a modern facility with all the extras and amenities you need. Even at 41 I look forward to continuing my education at USMMA, and pushing myself to improve.

Thanks to Tom and everyone at USMMA, keep up the good work!
- Rob

Last year I set a weight loss goal for myself but there came a point where I realized I needed that extra push. That's when I started coming to USMMA. I'd always been interested in trying something different like boxing, but until I felt like I'd lost enough weight I knew it wouldn't be possible.
When I finally joined USMMA I had 30 pounds to go before reaching my weight loss goal of 100 pounds. I started with one class a week, but after working with the trainers and knowing how good I felt after a session, that quickly became four. Before I knew it, I was hitting the gym for ten classes a week! The Cardio Thai class is by far my favorite, but then again any class I take here I enjoy. I also tried hot yoga for the first time at USMMA this past fall. I never knew how calm and stress free it would make me, so I made it a part of my normal routine. I planned on reaching my weight loss goal in October, but thanks to Tom, Rich and others at USMMA I reached it in August. Their ways of coaching are tough but keep you feeling great about what you're doing. I never felt like they were pushing me too hard or making me do something I couldn't handle.

I owe most of my record weight loss to the help of Rolando. He was a great motivator on and off the mat, anytime I needed that extra push or advice about new workouts, he was there for me every step of the way. Coming to USMMA not only became a way for me to lose weight, this became a new way of living my life. Now I'm here to learn and grow the skills the trainers have given me and I hope that one day soon I will be able to step in to the ring for my first fight. I am very thankful for the confidence I've gotten since I started to train with the amazing people here. I have never met a better group of people in my life. It's definitely like a family here. I recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a new way to change their life for the better. This is only the beginning for me and my time spent here.
- Nicole Plante

About a year ago I walked in USMMA looking for a change in my workout. I was tired of the cardio work I was doing and wanted to change things up. I talked to Tom Hafers, and his wife Danielle, they suggested that I watch a cardio class and they gave me a free class to try it out. I have been going there one to four times a week ever since.

They have a number of classes, for every interest and every level. You work at your own pace and work up to the class pace, or higher.The workouts are never the same, Tom is always changing things to keep it interesting and challenging. All of the people that work there are amazing, professional, caring, and very helpful. And very knowledgeable about what they are teaching you. And the other people in the class are just a helpful. It is more like a family then a gym.

Recently, at Tom's suggestion, I started taking Yoga there. I went and talked to Stephanie Luke, she set my up in a class, and now I take Yoga there one or two times a week. The Yoga instructors are just as amazing at the MMA instructors. More then willing to help you along your way with Yoga. They are never to busy to talk and answer any question you may have and all of them are very knowledgeable about Yoga.

I don't know how Tom has managed to find so many exceptional people as he has, but I now look forward to every visit. I am always improving my health, endurance, strength, self defense, and life because of Tom and his USMMA staff. Walking in his door is the best thing I have ever done, they have changed my life for the better.
- Norman Clemens

Yoga at USMMA has been an integral part of my ironman training for the last two years. The peace, strengthening and stretching is good for the mind, body and soul and along with a properly guided endurance training plan, helped me to be 44 minutes faster in my second ironman attempt.
- Lynn Scornavacca
2x Lake Placid Ironman Finisher

I have been a member and student at USMMA for over three years now, in both yoga and muay thai classes. Currently, with beginning training for my sixth marathon, I cannot give more gratitude and thanks to how yoga has significantly helped my conditioning in my most recent marathon. I felt amazing up to mile twenty-five, and know it is from the benefits of yoga and the expertise of their instructors; with the increase in my level of flexibility, in strength, and especially within my mental capacity of being able to push myself even further!
- Jessica

I started at USMMA because I had lost all motivation to get myself to the gym on my own, and I was tired of boring workouts on the treadmill and elliptical that were giving me no results. I was in need of an exericise makeover but didn't know what to do or where to go. I had heard from a friend about USMMA and their classes, and right away wanted to try it out.

I will admit, I was a bit intimidated when I came to my first Thai Boxing Circuit class. It was a completely new type of workout to me that I was not familiar with. But after jumping right into the warm-up, any anxiety I had was gone. The workout is so high-energy and the trainers are so motivating it makes you forget what is going on and just concentrate on your workout. The trainers are great and work with you based on your fitness level and ability. You are never made to feel like you aren't doing something correctly, and they do an awesome job of pushing you when you feel like you want to give up. I used to leave my regular gym tired and uninspired. When I leave USMMA I feel awesome and energized, and I actually look forward to my next class. It's a great stress releiver after a long day, and it's the best work-out I've gotten by far.
- Erica

I have had the pleasure of training with tom hafers for just over a year. From the first pad workout it was obvious that toms cheif strengths are his energy, attention to detail and ability to communicate that detail. When most coaches will give you arbitrary criticism, such as "hit harder", "punch faster", or "cut an angle" tom will give you the footwork or the movement to change, responsible for the desired effect. I have a few bad habits from years of karate training and while most coaches where happy to let me keep them, regaurding them as set in stone, tom has fixed a number of fundemental flaws. Tom is great at tailoring workouts as well. Although he has certainly trained with and created top teir fighters and athletes, he has an uncanny ability to take someone of any level and find an appropriate challenge for their skill level. Toms teaching is predicated on basics but he also has a wealth of upper level technique that he shares with anyone capable of working it into their game. I have never seen so many students learn key MMA techniques, of each individual discipline, as fast as I have seen them learn under toms direction. Tom is an outstanding couch, approachable, and personally invested in anyone he trains with. I would recommend him to anyone who sincerely wants to learn the science of fighting, not just hit stuff.
- Grant Tremelling

As a 39 year old guy trying to balance a career, family, and a love of good food (which showed) I couldn't be happier with my decision to join USSMA. In just 6 months I have gone from a couch potato weighing in at 240Lbs to 215 Lbs, 3 waist sizes less, 35 Pts lower in my cholesterol from my recent physical and not to mention the huge boost in energy, strength, flexibility and a feeling of confidence. The staff at USSMA are true professionals, and the people in the classes are very friendly and helpful -- you feel comfortable from the first visit. Don't wait any longer, try a class now and you will not regret it!
- Derek, Upton, MA - 39 Year Old Sales Professional

USMMA Testimonials"I started my Mixed Martial Arts training in Milford, MA with the Massachusetts Submission Academy 2. At that time I was doing it two, maybe three days a week. I made the decision to train for fight. I had a talk with the head instructor, Matt Phinney and it became one of the best decisions I could have made. Matty took me in, developed my basic skills, and got me in the best shape of my life. I went from 330 lbs to 260 lbs and he helped me to become a skilled fighter. More importantly he became one of my closest friends. As my training came along I received a lot of help along the way from Jorge Rivera and Tom Hafers and in three short months I got ready and won my first fight. When it came time to get ready for my second fight everyone was there to help me out again, and although I lost in my second effort the fight was runner up for fight of the year in Massachusetts." "When I switched over from the MSA2 to USMMA I found that nothing has changed. My skills continue to improve under the guidance of Matty, Tommy, and Jorge! In my opinion USMMA has the best facility and trainers in Mass and are second to no one. They have a great mix of students that work hard. The classes are unbelievable, they make it feel like it's our gym, in my opinion you won’t find a better place to train!"
- Derek Ward


"After spending 3 years in Taekwondo I had reached a plateau. I wanted to try something that was more effective and that would make me more well-rounded. Since USMMA offers both muay thai and jiu-jitsu it's the best of both worlds. Although I have only been training at USMMA for a few weeks, I feel that I have learned more practical and effective self-defense techniques than during my experience with Taekwondo. I can only imagine where I'll be 3 years from now with USMMA. The work outs are intense and definitely push you. The facility is excellent and the instruction is top notch. I look forward to a long time of training and sweating with everyone. I would wholeheartedly recommend USMMA to anyone who is interested in the martial arts or just wants a great work out."
- David Seward


"I am an 'Al Bundy' from Polk high… I played football and I wrestled and then played rugby in college… Nowadays I am an out of shape young fella who wishes I was back in shape. I hate running, and working out on your own you lose motivation after a short while. While Playing football, Rugby, and Wrestling is fun while it lasts, but those sports do not really exist after college/ high school… However I started training at USMMA with a great team in motion, and great instructors. The Mixed Martial arts workouts are intense, but they will only take you as far as you are going to push yourself. Since signing up I have had so much fun I had to get my friend to join me. I have made new friends, have started ripping pounds off my body in the places I did not want them, and putting muscle back into the places that it belongs. The instruction of mechanics and technique are outstanding… and this is not like other places where you just show up to get beat up. There is a team atmosphere, where your teammates push you to work hard to get better, but you still go at the pace of your teammate. It is a great new part of my life…"
- Adam Stoddard

"For the past four years I have had the privilege of training in mixed martial arts under Tom Hafers. In that time I have benefited tremendously from Tom’s expertise in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Muay Thai boxing, and his overall knowledge of MMA as a sport.

"All of the above have contributed significantly to my physical conditioning, mental poise and ability to focus on key success areas in life that extend far beyond the training mat. This is a testament to Tom’s ability to teach in detail and with patience to students with varying levels of MMA experience, and his innate ability to articulate the finer details of MMA training, which every student needs to become a successful fighter.

"As a black-belt in Kenpo Karate, an employee for one of the world’s leading sports performance brands, and a candidate for a Master’s in Business Administration, I can honestly say Tom Hafers epitomizes what any student looks for in a MMA trainer. This includes the highest regard for fighter safety, a completely professional approach to training, and above all, an earnest desire to see students develop into promising fighters, whether it be as a hobby or for competition.

"I encourage anyone with the even the slightest interest in studying MMA to at least take an introductory class with Tom. I promise the results will speak for themselves."
- Sincerely, Christopher J. Marshall

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the great workouts that I have received over the last month. The professionalism is fantastic and the workouts are great. I also wanted to let you know that you and your staff have been very motivating, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable of Maui Thai boxing, Jiu Jitsu and strength and conditioning.

"I also have found that all the participants in your classes are very enthusiastic and courteous to one another. I have worked out a lot in my life; participated in wrestling and karate for a large portion of my life and I believe that the help I am receiving from your team is going to bring me to another level of overall fitness.

"I think that you have cultivated a very safe and energizing environment for all ages and fitness levels. I believe that if I continue with your training I will be in the best shape of my adult life; and being 50 years old that is saying something.

"Again, thanks and keep up the good work."
- Sincerely, Michael D.

"I started going to USMMA in November this past year. My brother had been training at USMMA for a while and asked me to go and check it out. The idea of going to USMMA sounded good but I really didn’t want to go there not knowing what to do, look like an idiot and get my ass kicked. I was also in a really bad car accident the year before and I continuously fought with chronic back pain and had very little mobility in my neck and back. I finally agreed to go and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Since coming to USMMA in November I have lost over 40 pounds in body weight, completely transformed my physic and the severe back pain has completely disappeared. Before coming to USMMA I have worked out in the past but family, work and loss of interest made it difficult to motivate myself to workout. The guys at USMMA have helped me focus on a total life change and given me the motivation I needed to bring my workouts to the next level. The training I have received already from Tom, Jorge and Matt has been beyond anything I could have expected. They always take the time to break down the training and explain not only how to do something but also why you are doing it. I have learned how to focus on my mind and not just my body, which has made the biggest difference for me. Also, the people I’ve met working out at USMMA are unlike anyone I would have met at a typical gym.

Since day one people have always taken the time to teach me new techniques and push me to the next level all at my own pace. I have an extremely busy family and work schedule but still make time to get to USMMA three times a week. The training facility, workout discipline and especially the staff are top notch and second to nobody. Whether you are trying to become the next big name in mixed martial arts or a husband and father of two children like me just looking to make a life change and become a better person, United States Mixed Martial Arts is where you need to be…period. The training and experience has already been unlike anything I’ve ever done and I guarantee it will be the same for everyone who decides to just take the first step and walk through the door."
- Andy Ward

When I was in high school on a dare I ran the Boston Marathon. While running it at mile 11 I ran into a pedestrian walking across the road, I cracked my back on a curb and had back problems ever since. I graduated high school at 119lbs. At the end of my freshman year of college after hours in the gym and 12oz curls I started the summer at 179lbs. My doctor said that my weight on a 5’5’’ body was way too much… So I decided my sophomore year to run cross country for my college. After the season of running a minimum of 40 miles per week I was still 179lbs. So I decided to run my second Boston Marathon with my Uncle. After all the training for the Marathon a week after it was over I will STILL 179lbs.

With hundreds of dollars down the tube getting physical therapy on my back, I read in a Men's Health magazine that sports like Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling contrary to the belief strengthen your back, relieving back pain. So I decided to give USMMA a shot in June of 2008. After my first 15 minutes even after running two marathons I was outside the front door seeing my lunch for the second time. With a pat on the back trainer Matt Phinney told me to keep with it and everyday it would get easier. He was right, I haven’t seen my lunch again at class, and I am also as of 1/12/09, 27lbs lighter at 152lbs.

After joining USMMA I no longer have chronic back pain, I no longer have to run, and I no longer have to lift weights. After losing all the weight I am stronger, faster, and more flexible (with the help of USMMA’s Yoga), I also eat whatever I want and the pounds have seemed to come off!

I strongly recommend USMMA to anyone, especially the Jiu Jitsu if you have back pain like I did. There is no reason to be intimidated or afraid of coming in, the rule is roll at your partners pace and to be honest everyone does because everyone wants each other to get better.
- Paul B. Prohodski

My name is Diane and I have been taking private Muay Thai boxing lessons for the past ten weeks with Tommy at USMMA. I was encouraged, by my daughter Michelle, to take lessons to improve my health and physical condition, and also for self-defense. I wasn't even sure that I could participate, but after speaking with Tommy, I decided to give it a try. I knew after the first lesson that this training was something I could do and enjoyed very much.

Surprisingly, I have discovered that at age 62, and with the dedicated support and encouragement of the trainers at USMMA, anything is possible. I look forward to and enjoy my training every week. In the past ten (l0) weeks I have lost ten and one-half (l0 l/2) inches overall and learned exercises and boxing drills that I practice at home between lessons.

I take one private lesson per week and look forward to entering one of the group classes soon. Meanwhile, I count my USSMA experience as the "highlight" of my week and I am feeling stronger and happier because of that "first step" I took to try Muay Thai boxing lessons. It has lifted my spirits; helped me focus; made me stronger; improved my stamina; helped me lose weight and inches; changed my shape by building muscle and given me the confidence to try new activities, even at my age.

I would like to encourage anyone, of any age, to get involved in USSMA and take advantage of the many different activities they offer under the guidance of a very caring and professional staff.

Thank you, Tommy, for your patience in answering my many questions and for your enthusiasm with my progress.

Michelle, thank you for pushing me to try something new and helping me get signed-up for Muay Thai lessons. You are my inspiration! I am having the "time of my life" doing something very special for myself!

- Diane Parrella


Tom, I wanted to take the time to document my successes here at USMMA. Success is different things to different people and it is measured in different ways. I measure success within my life as finding a balance and a type of utopian place within myself, achieved in a myriad of ways. Here is my story.

After a layoff from a few years of serious athletic training; After battling back and knee injuries as well as a few surgeries I really wanted to get back in shape and challenge myself mentally and physically. I was prepared for the task ahead and prayed my aching 38 year old body would hold together.

As in the rest of my life I try to really be in sync with my emotional, physical, spiritual and mental parts of any journey I embark on. Once any one of those things is out of whack, my whole system is out of whack. And I was really not on track. I moved from California to Massachussetts and was really not 100% on many levels. After spending a few years out of combat sports including boxing for many years and a couple of months studying traditional Gi jiu jitsu I decided to start back up and give USMMA a shot; in Bellingham of all places!

Well, in just 3+ months plus into my journey things have really turned around for me. I have lost 25 pounds. I am hoping to match that in 3 more months as well. I also had an itch to compete again and this past weekend entered the NAGA Northeast Regional tournament and took home first place in my division, not too bad for a 38 year old. It was awesome. What was more awesome was the fact that there were a group of other guys from as my Sicilian relatives would say "this thing of ours" there rooting me on. It was a great feeling.

I really enjoy the time I spend at the gym. It has become my second home and I am there as much as possible, if not working out, watching and learning. Not just from the great trainers like you, Rolando or Jimmy, but from everyone else who is part of this place. Regular guys like me that want to help each other out and pass on what we learn to each other and to the newbies. Its a great place, and if I had to leave Cali, I couldn't have asked for better circumstances to fall into.

Thanks again. Looking forward to what is ahead.

- Rich S. aka The Champ

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