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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

YogaQuestion: How much do classes cost?
Answer: Our tuition is reasonably priced, and is based on the program you select.

Question: Will martial arts training help me lose weight?
Answer: Definitely! Classes are high energy but even though you burn lots of calories, it doesn't feel like exercise because you're having so much fun!

Question: How many calories will I burn?
Answer: See the approximate calories burned below.

  • Thai Boxing = up to 1100 calories a session
  • Jiu Jitsu = up to 1100 calories a session
  • Strength & conditioning = up to 800 calories a session
  • Power Yoga = up to 750 calories a session (Spending 90 min on a stair climber burns approx 675 calories)

USMMAQuestion: How many times a week can I attend class?
Answer: You can attend once or twice or unlimited numbers of classes depending on your training needs and your current schedule.

Question: Do I need to stick to the same class schedule every week?
Answer: No, you can attend any class, any week!

Question: Are private lessons available?
Answer: Yes, in 1/2 or 1 hour increments at your convenience and depending on your instructor's availabilities.

Question: Is martial arts training risky?
Answer: Although martial arts is a contact sport, injury is rare. According to statistics, martial arts training is safer than other contact sports, such as football, etc.

Question: How young do you take students?
Answer: Our children’s program is designed for children ages 7-12 in a fun, safe, encouraging and disciplined atmosphere.

Question: I have a bad (Knee, Back, Neck, etc.), can I still do martial arts?
Answer: Yes! Most movements can be modified to accommodate anyone.

Question: How long will it take to get my black belt?
Answer: Generally, depending on how frequently you train and the age at which you start, you may earn a black belt in anywhere from 5-10 years.

Question: My child has ADHD. Will martial arts training help?
Answer: Absolutely! Martial arts training is one of the best activities to promote focus, respect, courtesy, self-control & self-confidence.

Question: How do I get started?
Answer: Come in and try a class!

Question: Do you teach children how to defend against bullying?
Answer: Yes! First, we give children the self confidence they need in order to not BE a bully.

Question: I feel a little intimidated by going to an MMA gym with fighters, is this the right gym for me?
Answer: Almost all of our members are not fighters. In fact, about 97% of our members are there to get in shape and have fun with their workouts! Additionally, the fighters that attend class are there as teaching aids, able to help with questions and give friendly advice where needed!

Register now or call us today at 508-469-5123 for more information.

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